Complete Human

Measuring Brain Health And The Future Of Neurological Testing with David Oakley of WAVi

April 29, 2020

Life to the Max heads to Boulder, CO to interview David Oakley, the creator of WAVi.  The team discusses brain scans, brain health and how to really improve your brain in a month.

Janna and Evan get their brain scanned and discuss their results with this genius, a neutrino astrophysicist by training, who tells LTM that he started the company as a midlife crisis.

Sadly, a portion of the interview was spent discussing the trip to Costa Rica where LTM would be filming the ayahuasca experience of vets with PTSD to see how they responded. The first ever objective test on ayahuasca using WAVi have been a groundbreaking trial on how the brain responds to plant medicine. That trip was put on hold due to the Corona Virus outbreak but we look forward to resuming that conversation and sharing the results with you all.

Enjoy the show!